Your Journey

Here’s some information you may want to know about your journey with us at Eternally Elegant:

Setting up an appointment

Simply call or text Elisabeth at 801-896-7961! If you call, leave a message and she’ll call you back as quickly as she can. Please make sure to set up an appointment. We want to make sure you have your own individual fitting.

Reserving a Dress

You found your dress! Now all you need to do is let us know the dates you want to use it. We require half of the rental price at the time of reservation. The other half will be paid when you pick up the dress. If we are shipping the dress to you, we require the full payment at the time of reservation.

Rental Period

A dress reservation is for up to 10 days. Most girls are able to fit their bridals, wedding, and reception in this time frame. If you are in need of additional days, it is $20/day. As soon as you know which dress is the one, let us know so we can set it aside for you!


We do allow slight alterations on our dresses. These need to be done by us. If you live far away, we will take the measurements as you’re with us. The only dresses that we do not allow alterations on are those already reserved by another girl before your wedding date.


For those that live far away, we do ship! We would like you to come to the store to pick out your dress, but there is no need to drive far a second or third time. We will gladly ship your dress to you and you may ship it back when you are done for just the cost of shipping. The days in transit do not take away from your 10 day rental period and do not count as additional days, so no worries!


We take credit cards, cash, PayPal, Venmo, and checks. Whatever works best for you!

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us! (801) 896-7961